Why is staffing an important process in any organisation?

In business, we often hear people say “Employees are your most important asset”.

However, when you think about it, you might have a precious valuable asset but it may be underutilised or utilised in the wrong way which completely negates its purpose. To use an analogy it is like having a precious Jaeger Le Coultre Tourbillon watch and have it stored in a drawer.

Staffing addresses the above and it is often an area that companies do not pay enough attention due to the pressure of “hiring staff” to deal with “levels of activity”.

One of the most important functions

From a management point of view, staffing is perhaps one of the most important functions since it touches not only filling vacant positions but filling vacant positions with the right personnel in the right job, at right time.

Hence, everything will occur in the right manner. When looking at any organisation dynamics all resources such as financial, equipment, systems, etc, could only be utilised efficiently by the right human element allocated to it or in other words by having the correct staffing process in place.

100% efficient use of manpower

What does it mean to have a correct staffing process in place? It simply means that every person should get the right position in the organisation according to their ability, talent, aptitude, and specializations so that it will help the organization to achieve the pre-set goals in the proper way by the 100% efficient use of manpower.

If we look at Staffing and its importance as a Process Flow we can look at the following:

Characteristics of staffing

Staffing is a highly people-centred function and therefore relevant to all categories of personnel from top to bottom of the organization.

Managers are the key individuals in staffing who are actively associated with the recruitment, selection, training and appraisal of staff.

Human skills are centred to proper staffing which when performed properly the human elements in the organization will be cordial.

It is a continuously performed function equally important to new and established organizations.
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If we look at Staffing and its importance as a Process Flow we can look at the following:

Author: William Moraga-G. Projects Manager at Kaizen Recruitment

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