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About us

Established in 2005, we are an end-to-end workforce solutions provider optimising the power of people to drive organisational and personal growth. We achieve this through our key divisions working in concert to meet our clients specific business requirements.

Workforce BI

Our Kaizen Workforce Business Intelligence (Workforce BI) division provides visibility of important data and trends impacting human resource departments, supporting effective human capital management, within our clients business’s. Our bespoke data intelligence platform utilises multiple data-points designed around your needs, providing real-time actionable analytics to support effective workforce decisions.


Recognising the need to empower and support our workforce we present the Kaizen Workforce Academy division, providing a dedicated and recognisable hub for training, well-being and engagement programmes. By providing the tools and know-how for continuous professional and personal improvement, we promote a well workforce and drive ‘great employer’ reputations. These unique and integrated services enable our clients to reach their objectives with speed and efficiency, building competitive advantage while retaining a dynamic workforce.


Through our dedicated recruitment division, Kaizen Recruitment, we profile your business to understand your candidate requirement before selecting and deploying quality candidates to meet your specific business needs. We apply both our business and emotional intelligence generated through experience, data, consulting and great client relationships to consistently deliver quality results.


We believe that by investing in the individual, the team will thrive, creating a virtuous cycle of inspiration, innovation and improvement. We are committed to supporting our candidates and employees develop to their full potential, driving growth and improved well-being in balance with their lives, while delivering engaged, effective and sustained workforce members to our valued partner organisations.

Our Values


  • At Kaizen we hold our people at the heart of what we do and develop our colleagues to pursue excellence by embracing their individual talents
  • We invest in the individual, equipping them to perform as a part of an effective team.
  • We identify and deploy programmes focussed on employee wellness and capability, supported by leadership that are committed to employee engagement, active listening, coaching, collaboration and trust.


  • At Kaizen we consciously remove traditional barriers and hierarchal frameworks to build an agile environment where all colleagues are empowered to meet and exceed expectations in their unique way.
  • We embrace team diversity, constantly expanding our knowledge base and considering operational practises from other industries and countries, anchoring innovation at the core of what we do
  • Our leadership embed a culture of transformation encouraging interpersonal and professional risk taking driving the willingness to safely challenge the status quo.


  • We are crazy about feedback, constantly seeking and utilising this to drive ourselves, our business, and our clients forward.
  • Our people are our powerhouse, elevating performance through purpose driven, consistent and bounded teams.
  • We encourage our colleagues, at all levels, to challenge the ‘As Is’ State, identifying and deploying improvements to time, cost and quality.
  • At Kaizen we aspire to partner with our colleagues and clients to share best practise and promote mutual growth.
Kaizen has exceeded our expectations, they have successfully reduced attrition by 25%, increased employee conversion rates to permanent contacts by 48%, significantly reduced cost of overtime across the Primeline Group.

Nikki Mullin, Primeline

HR Director working in partnership with Kaizen since 2015

A trusted and valued recruitment Partner, Kaizen has always provided high-quality and well-prepared candidates for interviews. The team constantly delivers on all assignments within expected timelines.

Elayne Maher

HR Consultant at Xerox Europe


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