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Workforce BI

Workforce BI provides critical business intelligence (BI) through technology to enable convenient, effective and reliable data for client decision makers. Workforce intelligence is in essence the collation, interpretation and utilisation of key data and trends to make effective data driven decisions and present actionable recommendations in people management.

What does Workforce BI do for employers?

Through our bespoke technology platform we provide access to Data Scientists managing people as a strategic business function presenting real time analytics, behavioural patterns and trends key for organisational decision makers.

This includes precise information in time and attendance tracking, highly efficient payroll processing, attrition monitoring, invoicing, leave planning and absenteeism reporting, employee departmental itemisation, detailed labour headcount and hours/cost information. Workforce BI provides effective communication across large and diverse workforces, satisfying the need to connect your colleagues and engage at volume.

Combined this:

Enables HR and Operational Management to make effective data driven decisions

Supports actionable recommendations in people management

Assists optimisation of this critical and often expensive resource

What does Workforce BI do for your colleague?

Our Kaizen Technology increases visibility for our colleagues reducing time spent in colleague queries regarding schedules, payroll, and annual leave returning valuable time to our valued candidates and eliminating unnecessary confusion in payroll, annual leave and schedules.

This ensures all colleagues are:

Informed of all expectations and lines of communication

Resourced to perform at their best

Always in the know with access to any relevant documents from anywhere

Workforce Solutions System

We are continually innovating to support workforce productivity.

Data Analytics Support

Being a data driven Organisation is crucial for sustainable growth.