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Workforce Solutions System

effective solutions for decision makers

With the pace of change ever increasing, we are continually innovating and developing our systems to provide fast and effective solutions for decision makers.

Our innovative Workforce Solutions System is designed to meet this evolving need and provides a non-intrusive, stand-alone solution, connecting employers with crucial employee data and trends through technology. Our bespoke Application (App) makes gathering and mining Employee Attendance and Assignment data a seamless experience, supporting effective Human Capital Management and Workforce productivity.

By installing unobtrusive data collection points in strategic locations within the working facility, our system utilises data from employee clocking activity and attendance management features to create multiple bespoke reports.

Our reports can be tailored to client specific requirements, supporting decision makers in time and attendance tracking, highly efficient payroll processing, attrition monitoring, invoicing, leave planning, absenteeism reporting, employee departmental itemisation, detailed labour headcount and hours/cost information.

Addressing a holistic need to provide accurate, relevant information across multiple stakeholders, our system demonstrates proven results in increased client satisfaction, while also increasing employee retention and engagement through enhanced data accessibility and visibility for colleagues. Employees engaged via our system present fewer payroll queries, report increased loyalty and promote positive brand reputation.


There is a fundamental human need for connection. At Kaizen we understand the critical importance of connection between employee and employer with a keen focus on building trust, loyalty, relatedness and engagement. To promote this vital connection Kaizen Workforce BI enables real time connectivity across large diverse workforces.

Kaizen Workforce BI facilities dual connectivity, enabling communication and feedback at volume to create colleague communities. Our Kaizen APP, available at the users finger tips, bridges the often great divide between employers and employees, while supporting the preferred communication tools of  the new generation of digital natives.

As a partner our technology enables leaders to promote intentional strategies to drive valuable connection.

Workforce BI

Smart business intelligence means effective workforce decisions.

Data Analytics Support

Being a data driven Organisation is crucial for sustainable growth.