Kaizen Expansion

During these unprecedented times while an unforeseen global pandemic has threatened many businesses at all levels, even some of the biggest publicly traded companies in the world not immune to its effects. We at Kaizen Recruitment continue to evolve, pivoting rapidly into new markets with enhanced workforce solutions. We believe that in changing our strategy to adapt and thrive we will in fact tap innovation, drive market potential and colleague engagement, optimising key advantages in these unchartered waters. The transformations we are making to our business, though not all radical, present the potential to revolutionise our business while remaining focused on the stability, sustainability and natural progression of our core recruitment business, delivering value to our important client base in challenging times. To launch our new opportunities while maintaining a steady course we continue to invest in our business, expanding our Strategic Leadership capability to deliver on our strategic objectives.

As we focus this month on recognising and empowering women, inside and outside of the workplace, through International Women’s Day (Month), we at Kaizen are delighted to announce the two newest members of our expanding team, currently supported by an impressive 17 women working in close collaboration with their male colleagues to drive our business forward.

Sinead Duffy-Lawless, Director of Capabilities & Strategic Partnerships

Since joining the team in November 2020, Sinéad Duffy-Lawless has been diligently working away in the background crafting our rebranding strategy in line with the transformation of our business which we will soon unveil.

With Sinéad’s ample experience working within complex multinational organisations she has a vast ability to create and identify unique solutions, applying an understanding of best practise from a multitude of industries.

Alongside the growing Kaizen team Sinéad will continue to work with our internal stakeholders to interpret and design key metrics as part of a robust governance model.

Appreciating the commercial impact of decisions through high level understanding of multiple aspects of the business spanning finance, commercial, marketing, HR, data analytics and service delivery, Sinéad will support decision making as we expand into new industries. A strong leader with a proven willingness and desire to support those around her, Sinéad will further strengthen the foundation of the Kaizen Leadership Team effectively managing internal teams, client relationships, and building strong relationships in general to accelerate growth.

Emma Walsh, Senior Manager, Strategic Client Partnerships

Joining us in February 2021, we are delighted to welcome Emma Walsh to the Senior team at Kaizen. Emma joins us from the heavily governed and dynamic Retail sector with many years’ experience rooted in Retail Management Strategy and KPI performance. Collaborating in the design and implementation of effective KPI’s Emma will embed a culture of exceeding targets, and apply her fluency in business linguistics to support the team to continuously up-skill, face new challenges and opportunities and enable Kaizen to exceed on our deliverables with each of our valued clients. As we pivot into new industries and market segments under a programme for evolution and transformation, Emma, with her unique skills and expansive experience managing diverse and complex teams, will play a vital role in ensuring the capability and agility of our team, identifying and addressing any opportunity for growth. When deploying resources at volume Emma will ensure that in supplying the quantity we will not compromise on the delivery of the quality. Through our consultancy-based relationships, and our business intelligence capabilities, we at Kaizen strive to solve client challenges which may present in their workforce, personnel productivity and costs.

We wish all businesses the opportunity to survive and thrive in the face of these extraordinary times. We, at Kaizen Recruitment, are committed to providing quality solutions to businesses supporting this.

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