Top Tips for Interviewing Virtually

As we go back to ‘pre-pandemic’ work lives, for almost all of us the way we work has changed for good. Many workforces still hybrid. many meeting virtual and interviews still remaining predominantly virtual.

As with most things, there are some advantages and disadvantages to interviewing virtually. We have compiled some top tips to help you succeed in any virtual environment.

Use the mute button

All video call software have a feature where you can mute your audio. This is a great feature to use for all calls but even more so for an interview. Use it while your interviewer is speaking. Using the mute button, means there are no distractions for the interviewer as they can’t hear anything going on in your background. Essential when there is loud background noise such as dogs barking or children playing. Keeping yourself on mute as they speak can help your interviewer feel more focused on what they want to ask you.

Look into the camera while speaking

During an ‘in-person’ interview, maintaining eye contact with your interviewer is a sign of confidence and respect. Video interviews makes this a bit more challenging, because if you were to look them in the eye on your screen, it may not look like that on their end. Most of us will look at ourselves on the screen which looks like you are looking down to the interviewer. Instead, try to look into the camera as you are speaking. This creates the illusion that you are looking at them and gives the illusion of confidence.

Use a background

When you are preparing for your interview set yourself up in an area that is clean and tidy. Make sure there is no clutter in the background and it looks as professional as possible. Setting up in front of a blank wall or a few tasteful decorations shows that you are organized and pay attention to detail. If all else fails use a virtual professional background which you find in the settings of you video call, just make sure to do it ahead of your interview.

The brighter the better

Choose a room with good lighting, so your interviewer can easily see you. Your interviewer needs to be able to see your body language and facial expressions during your video interview. Setting your interview space facing a window that lets in a lot of natural lighting is a great way to make yourself more visible.

Chose a quiet space

Choose an area that is quiet and free from distractions. This way your interviewer can direct their full attention to what you have to say. A room where you can close the door is an ideal space to interview. Limit other noises by closing windows and turning off any music.

Put your devices on silent

Before your Zoom interview, silence your phone and put it away, if you have any other devices in the room remove them or put them on silent too. This way, you can focus on the interview rather than a text message or phone call. It may be a good idea to put your phone away awhile before your interview, so you can clear your mind and focus on preparing before you start.

Stay Focused

While your interviewer is speaking, keep your focus on the screen. Like you would in an in-person interview, show them that you are paying attention to what they have to say through active listening. You can do this by affirming what they say, nodding as they speak and asking questions based on what they say.

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