4 Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency


Recruiting new employees is not an easy process. Especially in today’s job market. The balance of power has shifted within the Irish Labour market. And for now, it favours the jobseeker. Previously, the onus was on a jobseeker to sell themselves in a job interview. Now, however, it is a jobseekers market. Therefore it is up to a business to sell itself to a potential employee. This flip of power makes the already difficult process of hiring, almost impossible. Unless of course, you outsource recruitment. Here are 4 advantages of utilising the services of a recruitment agency.

1. Intricate knowledge of the market

A good recruiter has intricate knowledge of the current state of a job market within particular industries. This information is invaluable. Partnering with an agent that knows your industry significantly simplifies the entire hiring process. As they can provide you with advice on current market trends, salary rates, career expectations, contract support, available skill sets, and potential candidate shortages. Additionally, industry-specific recruiters have access to skill-specific candidates.

2. Access to high-quality talent networks

Any decent recruiter has access to a network of pre-screened, high-quality candidates. Recruiters deal with potential jobseekers every day. A lot of a recruiter’s time is spent screening, interviewing and categorising these candidates based on their suitability for various roles. Therefore, when approached by a client looking to fill a role, a recruiter should have immediate access to a list of skilled candidates that would be ideal for the role.

3. A Recruitment Agency is more cost and time efficient

Hiring internally can be a time-consuming and costly process. Especially if you are hiring on a large scale. Recruitment is typically a secondary task of a HR Manager or an Operations Manager. Therefore, time spent on internal recruitment is time spent away from their other responsibilities. Additionally, it can be easy to make hiring errors. Which can be costly. A person can seem ideal in their interview, but ultimately may not be the best candidate for the job. Using a recruiter can mitigate these risks. As utilising an agency is a more cost and time-efficient way of hiring. Recruiters advertise and search through their databases for potential candidates, access CV’s, and conduct interviews. By taking this time-consuming work off your desk, you are free to keep running your business.

4. More than just a recruitment agency

Now, we cannot speak for every agency. So this point is unique to us. But Kaizen Workforce Solutions is so much more than a recruitment agency. Yes, we have an industry-leading team of recruiters that work tirelessly for our clients. Using their expert knowledge to provide clients with the most suitable candidates, in a timely manner. However, we offer much more than recruitment services.

Our Workforce BI division utilises our bespoke technology platform to gather key data and trends. This data provides clients with critical insights into their businesses. Thus enabling them to make effective data-driven decisions. Resulting in a more efficient and effective workforce.

Additionally, our innovative Workforce Academy provides clients with the tools and training to engage employees in professional and personal development programmes. Therefore, cultivating a happier, more productive workforce.

Need a recruitment agency?

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