Answering the Most Common Questions About Temporary Employment


Here at Kaizen, we are an award-winning recruitment agency, specialising in temporary employment. And as such, we receive a lot of questions from potential candidates about temporary employment. So, we have put the most common questions we receive in one post, as a handy reference for our candidates.

What is a temporary employee exactly?

Temporary employees fill positions within companies for a set period of time. Typically not any longer than a year. And work on a contract basis. This contract should clearly define the terms of the arrangement. Such as, how many hours an employee will work per week and the rate of payment. And once the contract expires, a temp worker is free to move on to another company. Companies that require temp workers typically engage the services of a recruitment agency that specialises in temporary employment. As it is a much easier process than sourcing and hiring temps in-house.

Why choose temporary employment to staff a business?

There are quite a few reasons that a business would opt for a temporary employee over hiring a permanent employee. Firstly, employers may need to fill positions left vacant by permanent employees that are on annual leave or illness leave. Secondly, employers may hire temporary workers for seasonal work. For example, in the lead-up to Christmas, many retailers hire seasonal workers. This is to get them through the busy period. By hiring temporary workers in lieu of permanent employees, they are avoiding letting staff go when the customer demand inevitably drops in January. And finally, a business may choose to hire a temporary worker in order to fill a skillset gap within the team. For example, hiring an App Developer for the duration of time it takes them to create the App. Once the App is created, the business no longer requires the developer.

Do temporary workers have any rights?

Yes, temporary employees have rights. And it is important that all temp workers know their rights inside out. Please read this in-depth blog post if you are considering seeking temporary employment.

What hours do temporary workers work?

The amount of hours a temporary employee works depends on many factors. Such as the role, how many hours the company requires and if you have the availability to do the hours. No two jobs will require you for the same hours. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to hours though. It is important to know and agree to your hours within a contract. Having clear boundaries in this way will ensure that you, the recruiter and the company you will work for are all on the same page.

Can I turn temporary employment into permanent employment?

In our experience throughout the years, there have been many temps that were kept on as permanent employees. If this is something that would interest you, then ask in the interview if it is possible.

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