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Kaizen Workforce Solutions Ltd. may be required to collect personal and sensitive information about you while assisting you in obtaining employment, ensuring our team can access accurate and relevant information about you when identifying the appropriate opportunity. Information collected is solely for the use of Kaizen Workforce Solutions Ltd and will only be accessed and used by our employees. Further information can be found in our Company Privacy Policy document accessible at https://www.kaizenworkforcesolutions.com/e318283/privacy/

What you need to register

Please have the following information/documents at hand as they will be required during the registration process.

  1. Passport (required)
  2. PPS Number (if any)
  3. Bank Details-IBAN (if any)
  4. Copy of your CV in Word/PDF format (required)
  5. Written References (if any)
  6. Any vehicles type Driver License (if any)
  7. Any of the following Documents: CPC Card, Safe Passs, PPT Licenses, Food Safety Cert, Manual Handling Cert
  8. Sign the Kaizen Candidate Contract at the end of this registration process.