3 Benefits of Implementing a Time & Attendance Tracking Solution


It is our opinion that tracking employee attendance is crucial for all businesses. Monitoring attendance allows decision-makers the ability to keep track of employees’ hours, absenteeism, punctuality and productivity. These solutions are extremely beneficial to any organisation. Here is just three major benefits of implementing a time and attendance tracking solution.

1. Accurate payroll

Time and attendance tracking in the workplace helps streamline the payroll process. Having an accurate record of every employee’s hours means the accounts department can easily calculate wages. Thus ensuring everyone’s pay is correct. Especially as flexible working is becoming a more popular work model. Additionally, this information is useful for budgeting future payroll costs as a direct insight into time expenses allows a business to maintain control over project costs.

2. Time and attendance tracking improves productivity and morale

High rates of absenteeism and lateness can impact the productivity and morale of a business. Therefore, monitoring employees’ time-keeping and absenteeism can ultimately improve productivity in the long run. Firstly, knowing there is a solution in place to track timekeeping may incentivise employees to be on time. And secondly, allowing employees access to their own records brings awareness to their absenteeism habits. This awareness leads to self-correction if necessary. Therefore, employees boost their efficiency and improve their productivity. Consequently, improving morale.

3. Valuable insights into employee patterns and behaviours

Time and attendance tracking provide valuable insights into punctuality, absenteeism, and employee productivity. This information is invaluable. As it identifies patterns and behaviours of a workforce. For example, you may notice a trend in absenteeism rates within a particular division of the Company. Having this information allows key decision-makers to investigate the cause of the high rates of absenteeism. To identify, and subsequently rectify the issue.

Interested in an Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Solution?

Kaizen Workforce Solutions offers these solutions as part of our Workforce BI division. Our bespoke technology platform provides access to data scientists managing people as a strategic business function presenting real-time analytics, behavioural patterns and trends key for organisational decision makers. Contact a member of our Workforce BI team, to learn more about this solution.

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