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What is a Human Capital Management Solution?


Human Capital Management (HCM) is the process of hiring the right people and managing them effectively, (as both a team and individuals) in order to build a highly productive, happy workforce. A Human Capital Management Solution utilises technology and data to create a holistic HCM strategy. Executing an effective HCM strategy requires a belief that the workforce is a company’s greatest asset.

Why implement a Human Capital Management Solution?

The ultimate goal of a Human Capital Management strategy is to develop a happy, productive, and engaged workforce. With high staff retention rates. A HCM Solution makes this process significantly easier. Firstly, HCM technology streamlines processes such as payroll and attendance tracking. Automating these processes frees up time and reduces errors. Time saved on these tasks can be utilised in other ways. Such as implementing employee wellness programmes in order to boost morale.

Secondly supporting digital platforms allow management and employees access to the data and insights collected. Having this information on hand allows both management and employees to notice any potential issues. And course-correct before a problem escalates. Giving employees access to their own data builds trust between employees and employers. Ultimately resulting in better relationships and happier employees.

And finally, a HCM Solution helps to support the future-proofing of an organisation. There have been dramatic changes to the workplace in recent years. Employees’ needs and wants are ever-changing. And with more and more Gen Zers entering the workplace, the traditional workplace is becoming a thing of the past. A HCM Solution allows you to anticipate any potential changes within your organisation. Thus allowing you to create a plan to deal with any changes that may be on the horizon.

Kaizen’s Workforce Solutions System supports effective HCM

Kaizen Workforce Solutions provides a revolutionary Human Capital Management solution. Our bespoke Digital Platform enables reliable time and attendance tracking, attrition monitoring, leave planning and absenteeism reporting. As well as payroll processing, invoicing, employee departmental itemisation, and detailed labour headcount, hours and cost information. Not only does our technology collect this data, but it also aggregates and interprets it. Ultimately presenting key decision-makers with the data and trends they need in order to develop a highly-functional, satisfied workforce.

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