3 Common Causes of Poor Staff Retention


Staff retention is the ability of a company to prevent employee turnover. Poor staff retention will negatively impact a business. Not only does it negatively affect staff morale and productivity but it is also very costly to an organisation. Therefore, it is essential that businesses do everything in their power to retain their staff. In this week’s blog, we are discussing the most common causes of poor staff retention. And providing solutions to prevent these issues.

1. Employee doesn’t suit the role

Employees leaving a company due to the fact their skills don’t align with their role is a common cause of poor staff retention. However, there are ways to prevent this from happening. And it all starts at the hiring phase. Typically, employees leaving as a result of not suiting the role means there is an issue with how you are hiring. For example, posting inaccurate job descriptions. Or not asking the right questions in the interview. Utilising the services of a recruitment agency can mitigate this issue. Resulting in hiring the right person for the right position. Thus improving staff retention.

2. Inability to professionally progress leads to poor staff retention

Businesses that lack opportunities for career progression have a hard time retaining staff. If an employee feels there isn’t room to grow and develop in an organisation, they will feel stagnant. Making them more likely to move on. Now, unfortunately, not every company can offer career progression opportunities. And not every employee is eligible for career advancement. However, there are still ways of preventing poor staff retention even if there is no scope to advance every employee. For example, annual pay increases can incentivise employees to stick around. Even if this doesn’t come with a promotion. Additionally, providing various training and development programmes and benefits will encourage staff retention.

3. A toxic work environment

Toxic work environments lead to high stress, low morale, high absenteeism rates, and of course poor staff retention. Because what employee would be capable of working long-term in such a negative environment? Toxic work environments are caused by factors such as overworking staff, bullying, micro-managing, and unhealthy communication such as gossiping. Luckily, there is an abundance of ways to ensure a workplace is positive and thriving. For example, ensuring the management team is leading by example. Simple things such as communicating respectfully, motivating staff, rolling up their sleeves and pitching in, all help create a happier workplace. Additionally, implementing anti-bullying policies and employee wellness schemes goes a long way toward preventing or improving a toxic work environment.

Kaizen can help improve staff retention

Utilising Kaizen’s holistic workforce solutions can help to prevent poor staff retention levels. Firstly, ensure you hire the right people for your company by engaging with our recruitment division. Our expert recruiters always deliver our clients the perfect candidates. Secondly, our Workforce BI division provides our clients with the technology and data to enable them to manage and support a highly efficient and productive workforce. And finally, our innovative Kaizen Workforce Academy equips businesses with knowledge and the tools to engage employees in personal and professional development programmes. Thus cultivating a happier workforce. Contact a member of our team, to learn how we can help your business improve staff retention.


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